20 September 2011

10 Interesting Tiger Facts

Share same fate with Lion, Tiger is classified as endangered species. Some People consider their fur and kidney as treasure. That is main reason why Tiger should be transferred to zoo for its own security. It is undeniable that Tiger is one of the most beautiful walking cats on earth. Here, that is what we are going to talk. I title this post 10 interesting tiger facts:
1. Jurassic Tiger
fact about tiger ancient tiger 10 Interesting Tiger Facts
Tigers march above the earth since more than 2,000,000 years ago. Sure, they were bigger, stronger, and fiercer that time. We can find the early formed of tiger’s fossil in China right now.

2. North vs South TigerThe different looks between Northern Tiger (Russian) and Southern Tiger (Asia) are size and color fur. Tiger on northern side of the earth is usually larger and paler. Tiger in Asia is on the other side.
3. Solitary predatorTiger is a solitary predator. They are joining herd when they have new babies or are on their mating period. Tiger favorite time to hunt is dawn and dusk. On the middle of the day, most tiger are sleeping just like other cat.
4. Tiger SpeedIn the past, people used to call “tiger” for Arrow. It is because tiger has stunning speed to overrun their pray. Tiger stripe has double functions. The first one is camouflage and the other one is identification print
5. Ligor, Tigon, Maltise Tiger
tiger fact lion tiger 1 10 Interesting Tiger Facts

Today, biologist is capable to mutate tiger’s DNA and mixed it up with other DNA from different big cats. Liger, Tigon and Maltese Tiger are three hybrid tigers they have made. Liger was born from combination of Lion and Tiger, Tigon is combination of male tiger’s DNA and female lion, and Maltese tiger is a hybrid tiger with black and blue fur similar to panther’s coat
6. The legendary Champawat tigressAround the last 19th century, Nepalese had a serious trouble with a huge female Bengal tiger that was killing more than 436 people. Local people called the beast Champawat tigress. One people who killed this tiger was Jim Corbett in 1907
7. Tiger dietOne tiger consumes around 150kg of meat each month if they are in the zoo. Unlike other cat, tiger loves to indulge themselves on river or ponds if they are in a zoo.
8. Hunter feels a new challenge to hunt tiger because the cat is one of the hardest targets to kill. From 20 attempt to kill one of this, usually only 1 will get the reward. However, the number of tiger hunters is bigger than the tiger itself. So this fact does not make tiger win
9. TerritorialTiger is territorial animal. Same as other big cat, they mark their territory with their urine. Tiger is walking on their toes and not with their paws. Similar as cheetah, tiger has retractable claws to control their running speed.
10. Tiger Skin
Tiger fact Tiger skin1 10 Interesting Tiger Facts
Tiger Skin
Last facts about tiger,If the coat of tiger is a valuable treasure for fashion lover, the internal organ is a favorite ingredient of Chinese traditional healer. Many traditional Chinese doctors believe the internal organs of Tiger, bear or rhino compose cure for many serious diseases. This is one of many reasons what make tiger is extremely rare in china.

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